Activity of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry

‘Think globally, act locally’ is the well-known saying of the environmentalists and is valid not only for the environment protection but for the economy as well. The global thinking and mentality of the chambers is particularly important as their most important task – development of economy based on the united local business cooperation and partnership – can only be achieved if the local actors represented by the chambers can join the globalized economic stream. Therefore chambers must equally meet the local needs and global challenges.

Budapest is the centre of economic life in Hungary most of the businesses are concentrated in the capital. There are corporations having production in the countryside but setting up their headquarters in Budapest and as a result BCCI plays a significant role in the Hungarian Chamber System. BCCI helps the small and medium size companies (SMEs) with the establishment of local market cooperation thus having a positive impact on local economic development, and furthermore helps the SMEs with its international relations for their foreign market development.

The principle of the democratic method of BCCI, the maintenance and strengthening of the represented collective rights, the preservation of the autonomy of BCCI requires that those who Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry represents have their right to participate in the preparation of decisions and at the same time have obligations regarding carrying out the tasks and duties of their umbrella organization. The members can exercise their rights and obligations basically at the Departments, Sections and professional work units.

The primary task and duty of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a self governed public body is the development of economy and the general representation of economic interest. BCCI therefore considers important to participate with a broad range of opinions in the economy legislation, thus cooperating with the strengthening of local economy development as well as the formulation of the city’s districts and industrial and trade policy. Lobbying activities is twofold: to act in the interests of its members during the public administration cooperation and carries out reconciliation of interests among its members. The emphasis is on the mutual dialogue.

Effective governance without the cooperation with civil organizations is not feasible therefore Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry prepares analysis, develops proposals, shares information with the Government and local municipalities. Helping the development of local economy and representing the general interests of the SMEs BCCI emphasizes the importance of the ongoing communication with the Municipality of Budapest and the District Municipalities as well. The cooperation between BCCI and the Municipalities are concerned on the participation in the decision making and the development and supplying of public services.

In 2012 the compulsory registration of corporations was introduced which greatly contributed to the efficient performance of the tasks and duties of the Chamber. Through the registration an up-to-date corporate database will be introduced that will help the analysis of economic processes this way providing help to achieve the targeted economic development.

The development of international business relations has a major emphasis in the short- and long-term strategy of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Helping the members in entering new foreign markets and their international appearance is a core program of BCCI therefore it participates and organizes international exhibitions, fairs, publishes profession specific presentation materials.

In order to develop the international relations Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry established the Danube Chambers of Commerce Association (DCCA) in summer 2010, which indirectly through a number of foreign businesses is active in the participation in the European Union Danube Region Strategy. The Association’s philosophy is to provide a single platform to create business opportunities along the horizontal principles, promoting the economic and business cooperation, thereby strengthening the economic cohesion between Danube Region entrepreneurs operating in various countries.

Through the help of the strategy of BCCI businesses have the chance to become ‘visible’ both domestically and internationally, providing better opportunity for innovation, joint investments which for the individual companies might be impossible as of lack of capital or markets knowledge.

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