Organization of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI)

The 165 year old Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is a determining public body with regards the economic and social life of Budapest with the biggest membership among the Economic Chambers. BCCI has more than 4,000 members representing trade, industrial, business service providing and handicraft private entrepreneurs and business organizations in Budapest.

The headquarters and main activities of our members are based in Budapest accepting the voluntary membership status and are playing an important and active role in the business life of Budapest.

BCCI with activity based on municipality principles aims to help the development and organization of the Hungarian economy, protects the safety of business transactions and the respect of fair play market behaviour and represents the general and joint interests of the business organizations.

BCCI with up-to-date operations is involved in the development of legislation affecting the Hungarian economy, plays an important role in the implementation of long-term economic development programs and the development of the Budapest area as well as handling every issue regarding the general interests of all business actors with priority. BCCI aims to represent the rights and interests of business organizations and also initiates amendments of legal regulations and laws if required.

BCCI plays an important role in the central economic region in helping corporations accessing new markets and also upgrading the market environment to the EU level. The Chamber aims to help our member organizations and in general the representatives of the business sector in Hungary with the development of the business environment, economical studies and forecasts, management of the tasks and duties of vocational trainings and education, establishment of reliable business partnerships and consulting services of taxation, legal and other business management issues
I believe that Hungary cannot be successful without successful Hungarian business organizations!


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