Audit Committee

The Audit Committee (AC) examines the activities of BCCI, if the operation complies with the present regulations, with the Statutes and with other governmental and municipality policies. The AC also examines the expedience of management.

The AC is a corporate body with 7 members. The Departments of BCCI delegate members to the AC from which the Delegate Assembly nominates members in accordance with the economic weight of the appropriate Department. If the number of members of the AC falls below the previously defined by 2/3, and if a representative section of any Department were significantly reduced, and there is no elected alternates to fill the vacant post, the Delegate Assembly shall be convened within three months in order to elect the new members. Choosing a new interim member the economic weight rules should be applied again. The number of AC members shall be determined in the Statutes in every election circle.

The AC has the right to review any of the Chamber’s activities and to request for any documents, data from the Chamber officials and management that are relevant with its tasks. During its assignment outside experts may be admitted. The Delegate Assembly specifies a separate budget for the AC operations and the way of use is solely decided by the AC.

The AC orders an inspection at last once a year of the Chamber’s operation by an independent auditor. The Delegate Assembly shall make a decision on the Chamber’s Annual Budget and Annual Accounts (Balance Sheet) only after the inspection and opinion of the AC and the independent auditor.

The AC reports directly to the Delegate Assembly and its members cannot be instructed about their duties and tasks. The operation of the AC shall establish its own rules of procedure. The AC Rules of Procedure can be requested and viewed by any member of BCCI at its official premises at any time during office hours.

The AC Member can participate in any BCCI management meeting with consultancy right. The AC instructs the President Office to take the necessary measures to ensure that the Chamber’s activities and financial management complies with the law, the Statute of the Chamber and other municipal regulations of, and the expedience of management.

The AC is authorized to inform the President Office and the Delegate Assembly in the following issues:

a) Violation of law or otherwise seriously infringed interests during the operation of BCCI, that requests
the act of the relevant operational body;
b) Executive officers liability is questioned.

The AC is authorized to convene the President Office or the Delegate Assembly if needed with 30 days notice.

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