Delegate Assembly

The main body of BCCI is the elected Delegate Assembly whose members are chosen from the electoral roll recorded by business organizations, Chamber Departments and Courses. The Delegate Assembly is formed by 110 delegates. The delegates from the different Chamber Departments and Courses are chosen according their economic weights and the number of Delegate Assembly members shall be determined in the Statutes in every election circle. In case the number of permanent members of the Delegate Assembly stated in the Statutes falls below 55% and no other members are elected to fill the vacancy the Chamber Officer listed in the Statutes point 18.4. may initiate an interim election within 30 days.

The sole responsibilities of the Assembly are:

a) Generating and creating amendments to the Statutes of the Chamber and other local governments regulations;
b) The Chamber Annual Budget definition and approval following the consultation with the Audit Committee;
c) Adopting the Chamber’s Annual Accounts / Balance Sheet following the Audit Committee and the independent
auditor’s report;
d) Election and dismissal of the Chamber President, General Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Members of
Boards and alternate members; Determining the remuneration of the elected officials and Members of the Board;
e) Decision on bank loans (including leasing, sale and leaseback contracts), charging or disposing of Chamber
assets or property value in case this amount exceeded the 50% of the previous year’s membership fee revenue
or more than 150 million Forints;
f) Decision on the establishing or determining of non-profit or profit oriented corporation;
g) Decision on pecuniary interest concluded contracts between any member of the Chamber or their associated
companies with a value exceeding of more than 5% of the Chamber last year’s balance sheet assets;
h) Decision about mergers or division with any other Chamber;
i)  Decision on matters that are decided by the Delegate Assembly and in those cases in which the President
Office and the Audit Committee submit to the Delegate Assembly regardless of whether the decision is related
to the present Statutes or not;
j) Decision on the deputies to be delegated to the Hungarian Chamber;
k) Decision on the establishment of foreign representative chamber;
l) Decision in any another case delegated to the Delegate Assembly in accordance with the provisions of the present

The Delegate Assembly in strategically important issues may call for the opinion of the member companies (base vote). The result of the base voting is obligatory / binding to the Delegate Assembly, it must give effect entirely if more than half of the members voted with a valid opinion.

The contracts listed in Points e-f-g with not exceeding the listed amounts must be accumulated. The Delegate Assembly has exclusive competence for contracts with a value exceeding the listed limits by themselves or by the accumulation. By determining the contract values the accounting and contract value whichever is the higher should be considered.

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