BCCI consists of – according to the Act on Economic Chambers and the provisions of the Statutes – the following operational Departments:

·  Trade Department
·  Industrial Department
·  Handicraft Department
·  Business Services Department

Within these Departments different Sections can be established.

The individual Departments are operating according to the Statutes and the Act on Economic Chambers § 18 (4) c specifying its public and targeted tasks that are needed for the interpretation of industrial, groups of activities and general economic interests within BCCI operations in order to show that BCCI according to its own powers and jurisdiction represents the general interest of all business organizations.

The Departments’ organizational autonomy besides the planning and operational rights consists of the followings:

·  The Rules of Organization Operations (ROO) accepted by the highest decision making level of the Departments details the operational issues of all Sections and other organizational units.
·  The President Office of the Departments is entitled to order the modifications of the ROOs, Rules of Procedures, Statutes of all Sections and other organization units under the Departments that
are not aligns with the ROO of BCCI and its Departments.
· The President Office of the Departments is entitled to mediate between all parties with regards their municipality and organizational issues (meetings, decisions, elections, etc.) in case any
comments, complaints arise.
· Chamber organization units are obliged to call for the opinion of the President Office of the relevant Department in case any issues arise related to the lower end organization units.

The highest decision making forum of the Department elects its own independent representative body(ies) from its members and accepts its own organizational and operating rules. The individual budgets of each Department are described in Point 37th of the Statutes.

All regulations of the Departments’ ROO that are contrary to the Act on Economic Chambers, the Statutes and with other municipality legislation are void. The representative of each Department is obliged to inform the President Office of BCCI regarding the list of selected representatives, the ROOs and its modifications within 15 days following the acceptance. All members of BCCI has the right to view the list of representatives of all Departments.

BCCI has the right to establish any further organization units to comply with its tasks and duties. In this case the clear objectives and responsibilities must be declared.

In case a separate field has a strategic role and important economic weight and the members of a Department require a new independent Department can be established by the relevant Department or the President Office of BCCI in accordance with the Statutes of BCCI.

In case the number of members within a professional Department exceeds the 15% of the voluntary members of BCCI the relevant Department is obliged to establish a new Department as a separate section.

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