Business Services Department

The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry established its Business Services Department in 2004 with the fundamental objective of representation of the differentiated business sector, including all private entrepreneurs, micro, small and medium sized enterprises providing services and infrastructural background. The importance of the service sector went through significant positive changes in the past decades that their interests and activities need actualization separately. The targets and plans of the Business Services Department is motivated by the fact that most of the micro, small and medium sized enterprises operates in the service sector and their activities need much more refined, more diversified control and support. In recent years the operation revealed that besides bigger companies a large variety of small enterprises played a very important role in the activities of BCCI managed by different Sections and working groups of the Chamber.

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Divisions of the Business Services Department:
Advisory Division
Marketing and Communications Division
Translation and Interpreter Division
Real Estate Sales and Asset Management Division
Education and Vocational Training Division
Business Services Support Division
Accounting, Taxation Consulting, Auditing Division
Mediation and Legal Coordination Division
General Financial Services Division

Telephone: +36 1 488 2158, Fax: +36 1 488 2105

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