Handicraft Department

The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry established its Handicraft Department with the aim of representing the private entrepreneurs, the micro, small and medium sized enterprises working in the traditional handicraft industrial and service sector whose representatives play a key role in the preservation of the Hungarian cultural traditions, folk customs, folk arts and crafts treasure. The Handicraft Department consists of nine Divisions. Their tasks include supporting professions, organizing and assisting in the participation at professional events, conferences and trade fairs, registry of experts working with gas pipelines and appliances. The Department is responsible for the organization of vocational training exams by delegating exam board members to the interim exams. The Department aims to support its member companies to find programs, services, business opportunities of their needs and to develop the know-how of their field.

The Handicraft Department plays role in the Masters Program and exam organization in accordance with the 2001 CLXXXVII. Act on Vocational Training and the 1999 CXXI. Act on Economic
Chambers. The master’s exam is designed to provide a higher level of recognition of the skilled workers’ professional qualification in order to obtain a Master level degree. In many cases legal regulations limit, bound the practice of special professions to the presence of Master Degree exam and only experts with Master Degree Exam can perform the trainees’ practical training according to the Act on Vocational Training.

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Divisions of the Handicraft Department:
Wood and small-scale Construction Division
Building Engineering Division
Electrical Industries Division
Iron, Metal and Precision Engineering Division
Automotive Division
Personnel Services Division
Health Services Division
Clothing, Textiles and Leather Industry Division
Artistic Handicrafts Division

Telephone: +36 1 488 2129
Fax: +36 1 375 0258
E-mail: kezmu@bkik.hu

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