Industrial Department

The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry established its Industrial Department with the aim of developing the competitiveness of the membership corporations, monitoring the up-to-date needs of the sector and the representation of interests. To reach our goals BCCI maintains continuous contact and communication with the relevant ministries and other authorities.

The Industrial Department focuses on the followings:

– Industry and industrial research focuses on the issues of environmental protection, environmental pollution, waste management, new procedures for textile production, foreign trade of textile products, production technology matters and work force management.
– Within the construction sector its permanent task are the representation of the interests of construction companies, information on foreign employment conditions and possibilities, the domestic taxation and fee changes and the legal changes affecting the construction industry.
– Within the transportation and shipping sector the major goals are developing the concept of long-term transportation policy, shipping on water, updating the public transport control system, improvement of the quality level of the rail and road network.
– Within the IT sector the major goals are improving the awareness of modern IT tools and application of technology, assisting the corporations in production and automation of manufacturing
processes, data, information recording and transmission of information.

shutterstock_12846739 eco energyThe services and activities of the Budapest Public Utility Companies are determining in the development of the economy, the functioning of public institutions, the operation of energy service companies, the municipality water supplies and major public, passenger transportation trends.

Industrial Department Divisions:

Industry, Industrial Research, Planning, Services Division
Construction Sector, Building Research, Design,
Construction Service Division
Transportation, Shipping Division
Communication, Information Technology Division
Public Utility Works, Public Services Division

Telephone: +36 1 488 2154, Fax: +36 1 488 2172

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