Trade Department

Trade Department of BCCI unites a wide range of SMEs, large trading corporations and commercial service providers operating tourism, hospitality, insurance, banking businesses or asset management companies. Particular retail and whole trade indices demonstrate the economic performance of Hungary, referring to boom and bust periods, or income situation of the population.
The dynamics of the increase in the tourism also determines the dynamics of other sectors. Financial and insurance businesses had to overcome serious challenges due to the 2008 global financial crisis and due to some government measures. Basic assignment of BCCI is to harmonise and represent the interests of enterprises with high labour force demand and to coordinate lobbying during all stages of the economy legislation. These areas are largely influenced by the actual purchasing power and patterns of the population. Therefore the primary objective of the Trade Department is to enhance SME’s competitiveness (with growing clientele) and to create a business-friendly environment for them.

The Trade Department of BCCI aims:
– to provide a forum for enterprises,
– to represent the general interests of various professions
– to participate in the elaboration of legislative acts referring to trade, tourism and finance issues and later carry out follow-up activities
– to develop a better business and economic environment for SMEs (i. e. public opinion on legal measures)
– to render information and consultancy services to enterprises
– to assist SMEs in business partner search
– to organize various conferences, business-clubs, round-table forums, discussion panels etc..
– to provide participation opportunity for enterprises at national and international fairs and exhibitions
– to carry out international forums, B2B meeting
– to organize touristic events in Budapest (e.g. International Travel Guides’ Day; Old Times’ Market Place etc.)
– to harmonise the various procedures of the dual training system
– to monitor trade related issues and to accomplish comprehensive statistical analyses


Divisions of the Trade Department:

Trade, Commercial Services Division
Retail, hospitality and HORECA Division
Tourism and Hospitality Division
Banking, Insurance and Asset Management Division

Telephone: +36 1 488 2045
Fax: +36 1 488 2048

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