District Member Groups

The Local Government of Budapest decided to establish 23 public administration areas, in which BCCI have also set up District Member Groups. The District member Groups are responsible for the collective representation of the interests of micro, small and medium sized enterprises in a particular District; furthermore for providing them with relevant business information, and strengthening their competitiveness.
 The representatives of the District Member Groups participate with advisory rights at the district government committee meetings regarding the local legislation and the implementation of general economic development plans. They also cooperate with local government bodies, with associated chambers, with non-governmental organisations and with other district institutions. They organize regular advisory meetings for SMEs to help their business activity, as well as B2B meetings, forums in order to improve the network of business
relationships among the Chamber membership. The activity of the District Member Groups is coordinated by the College of member Groups Presidents.

Head Office of the District Member Groups
Telephone: +36 (1) 488 2116, Fax nr: +36 (1) 356 9992
E-mail: koordinacio@bkik.hu

Tasks and duties:
– Administration of the compulsory registration
– Administration of the voluntary membership
– Széchenyi-card administration; (only in designated offices)
– Rendering information on BCCI activities and services;
– Information service on central and local programs/events organized by BCCI

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Local offices of the District Member Groups

Belvárosi és Észak-pesti Szolgáltató Iroda
(District areas: IV., V., VI., VII., XIII.)
Address: 1137 Budapest, Radnóti Miklós u. 40. fszt. 1.
Telephone: +36 (1) 790 6384
E-mail: 13ker@bkik.hu

Kelet-pesti Szolgáltató Iroda
(District areas: X., XIV., XV., XVI., XVII.)
Address: 1165 Budapest, Jókai Mór u. 6. II/201.
Telephone: +36 (1) 407 5453
E-mail: 16ker@bkik.hu

XVIII-XIX. Kerületi Szolgáltató és Széchenyi-kártya Regisztrációs Iroda
(XVIII., XIX. kerületi Tagcsoportok)
Address: 1181 Budapest, Üllői út 453. földszint
Telephone: +36 (1) 290 2350
E-mail: 18ker@bkik.hu

Dél-pesti Szolgáltató és Széchenyi-kártya Regisztrációs Iroda
(District areas: XX., XXI., XXIII.)
Address: 1201 Budapest, Baross u. 72.
Telephone: +36 (1) 289 0601
E-mail: 20ker@bkik.hu

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