Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee (EC) is a corporate body with 17 members and its members are nominated by the Delegate Assembly. If the number of members of the EC falls below the previously defined by 2/3, and if a representative section of any Department were significantly reduced and there is no elected alternates to fill the vacant post, the Delegate Assembly shall be convened within three months in order to elect the new members. The number of EC members shall be determined in the Statutes in every election circle.

The EC shall carry out – except the determination of Rules of Ethics – all the tasks and duties with regards business organizations specified in the Act on Economic Chambers 10th § (1), points d, e, fand the tasks and duties specified in the Statutes, points c, d, e and f. The EC may start its procedures upon request or officially ordered and has all the right to comment on all the activities of BCCI having an ethical issue and not prohibited by the present legal regulations. Chamber officials are involved in the activities of the EC if needed.

The Chairman of EC represents the Chamber as a Committee representative. The right of representation extends to the Ethics Commission to challenge the decisions of the courts and other authorities and relevant representation before the attorney as well. The powers of the Chairman may be delegated to the members of the EC in specific cases in writing.

The EC may establish its own Rules of Procedure affecting its operation that is not specified in the Code of Ethics or not relevant to the members of BCCI. The EC Rules of Procedure can be requested and viewed by any member of BCCI at its official premises at any time during office hours.

During its assignment outside experts may be admitted. The Delegate Assembly specifies a separate budget for the EC operations and the way of use is solely decided by the EC.

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