President Office

The President Office (PO) as a corporate body is responsible for the operational management of BCCI during the period between the Delegate Assemblies in accordance to the decisions of the Delegate Assembly. The PO meetings are open to all BCCI delegates without the right of consultation.

The responsibilities of the President Office:

a) Preparation of the documents and decisions  of the Delegate Assembly;
b) Preparation of and submission to the Delegate Assembly the proposal of the Chamber Annual Budget following
the consultation with the Audit Committee and the Finance and Membership fee Committee;
c) Preparation and modification of the Organizational and Operational Rules and the Regulations of Membership
according to the Statutes provisions;
d) In case a conflict of interest situation (Act on Economic Chambers § 27) is detected at the Chamber, the required
action and the recall motion is made;
e) Establishment, operation suspension or termination of District Departments in accordance with the provisions
of the Statutes;
f) Exercising employer rights of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary General in connection with the Act on Economic
Chambers § 26 (3) rules;
g) Establishing Working Committees;
h) Decision on establishing public or profit oriented companies or participation in any associated with the exercise
of statutory rights of ownership, if it is not the responsibility of the Delegate Assembly;
i) Decision of joining to or establishing foundation in case this estimate is included in the Chamber Annual Budget;
j) Approval of cooperative agreements associated with financial commitments, evaluation of subvention
applications in case this estimate is included in the Chamber Annual Budget;
k) Decision on all matters which the law or the Statutes draws to the competence of the PO or does not refer the
competence of the Delegate Assembly or other corporate bodies.

The PO in strategically important issues may call for the opinion of the member companies (base vote). The result of the base voting is obligatory / binding to the PO, it must give effect entirely if more than half of the members voted with a valid opinion.

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