2023 october 12. | Thursday - 11:30 | 20:00 | Venue: Ethnographical Museum Budapest, 1146 Dózsa György út 35.

Cee4Impact Day 2023

Would you like to leave mark, make the world a better place AND maintain your level of profit at the same time?
How to have a positive impact on society and achieve measurable success?
As an investor or entrepreneur you can make choice of building a business where not only profit is the driving factor, but apart from being financially sustainable, you can SIMULTANEOUSLY have a positive social and/or environmental impact.
Get to know HOW!
Cee4Impact Day 2023
full day conference on how to:
- Make access to capital and shape legislation
- Measure your success as an impact investor/ entrepreneur
- Find your personal motivation
- Support each other in this field (with fantastic networking opportunities..)
🟡 Agenda of the full day conference is available HERE: