BUSINESS IN HUNGARY: a niche event for foreigners doing business in Hungary!

2024-03-20 12:00
The International Project Office (IPO) of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), in cooperation with ImpactHUB Budapest, held its first international business event "BUSINESS IN HUNGARY".

The aim of this niche event is to introduce the basic Hungarian business, tax and legal environment to foreigners living and doing business in Budapest, as well as the advisory services of BUSINESS IN HUNGARY. 

BCCI's International Project Office has gained extensive experience in the field of business advisory development projects aimed at creating a sustainable and diverse business environment in the Central and Eastern European region by participating in major international projects in recent years funded by the EU. One of the results of this is the Bridge to Benefits Masterclass, which was previously established to support Hungarian SMEs in sustainability.

BUSINESS IN HUNGARY was preceded by the SEEMEIN international project, implemented with the participation of IPO between 2020 and 2022, which aimed to promote the social and economic integration of multicultural entrepreneurs from third countries in the CEE market.

The contents of the BUSINESS IN HUNGARY advisory service and the "Business in Hungary TOOLKIT" have been available on the BCCI website since December. The content, available in English and Hungarian, was created in cooperation with the International Project Office and ImpactHUB Budapest, and aims to provide practical knowledge on business administration and business development topics for foreign and domestic companies starting up or already operating in Hungary.

The event was attended by a large international audience who listened to presentations by experts from SimpleTax and the law firm of Kovács-Réthyi Szegheő. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from successful expat entrepreneurs in Hungary and consult with BUSINESS IN HUNGARY consultants for 15 minutes in the fields of taxation, legal, business start-up and development.

Mónika Harsányi, Head of the BCCI International Project Management Office:

"The BUSINESS IN HUNGARY Toolkit is an excellent opportunity for both start-ups and existing entrepreneurs. Our consultancy service provides tailor-made support on business management and business development matters. BUSINESS IN HUNGARY also has the indirect goal of building a diverse and inclusive business community. For us it is a great honour that nearly 40 foreign entrepreneurs attended our first open event.

Ahmad Tabche, owner of Leila's Kitchen:

"It is essential to know the local language and hire the best accountant with the necessary experience in the restaurant world. You need a strong immigration lawyer who can speed up the process of bringing in workers from outside Europe. While a good lawyer may be more expensive, there is a better chance of getting the worker's permit on the first attempt."

Beatrix Bedő, Co-Founder of ImpactHUB Budapest, head of the professional programmes:

"I believe in entrepreneurship that people can make their dreams come true. The best is to start entrepreneurship well prepared from all aspects in local laws, taxation, business strategy and vision. IHB supports expats living in Hungary to have the opportunity to start their businesses with all the possible knowledge and know where and who to ask for special experts in the field."

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