Data-Driven Urban Management Shapes the Future

2023-10-19 10:24
The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Smart City section organized a seminar titled "Data-Driven Urban Management Shapes the Future" as part of the City for the Future – CEE Expo & B2B Forum.

This seminar, held on May 24, featured discussions among experts from universities, municipalities, and businesses on innovative city management. The event provided a platform for Budapest-based companies, local governments, and academic institutions to collaborate and discuss data management in the context of smart cities, emphasizing the importance of quality and quantity of data. The forum also covered various topics including energy communities, data-driven transportation planning, and smart municipal developments. The event was organized with the support of CzechTrade and discussed the increasing role of cities in providing regional public services, showcasing the best practices of urban development and emerging technological trends for both small municipalities and large cities. Hungarian companies had the opportunity to establish business connections with experienced Czech and Hungarian suppliers. BCCI has been actively promoting the Smart City concept since 2019, supporting innovative businesses, and recently facilitated successful partnerships between Hungarian and Taiwanese companies in the field of sustainable smart cities during the Smart City Expo in Taiwan.