Summary of the Event Tourism Opportunities in Serbia

2023-09-20 11:05
On 4 March 2022, the BCCI International and Foreign Economic Cabinet organised the event entitled Tourism Opportunities in Serbia for interested businesses at the BCCI head office.

Angéla Szatmáry-Jähl, President of the BCCI Committee of Commerce, Miklós Bornemisza, Vice President of the BCCI International and Foreign Economic Cabinet, and Saša Maksimović, Mayor of Törökbecse, Serbia, highlighted that in addition to Vojvodina and Belgrade, it would be worthwhile to extend the cooperation to the southern regions of Serbia, especially the Banat region, as it would be useful to include this region in existing tourism projects. Saša Maksimović reported on the development of the town called Törökbecse, which is reflected in the fact that the Serbian government has recently invested €11 million in the development, and this year a €30 million project has been started, which is expected to reach an even higher value in the future.

Ottó Kismárton, Head of the BCCI Information Office in Törökbecse presented the most important pillars of the operation of the Office and the successes that have already been achieved. In the last period 112 reports have been produced by the Office and thanks to its efficient work the Office has developed good relations with a number of politicians, mayors and ministries.

At the end of the event, Petar Stamenković, head of the Deliblato-based, presented three tourism programme packages prepared by his company, which were specifically adapted to the Hungarian market with special attention to the common history and cultural heritage.