Summary of the Meeting Between the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Mexican States.

2023-09-20 10:49
On 1 December 2021, Iker Amílcar Jiménez Martínez, Director General for Global Investment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Mexican States was received by Zsolt Zsabka, General Vice President of BCCI at the head office of the Budapest Chamb

The meeting was also attended by Rosario Molinero, Mexico's Ambassador to Hungary, and Armando Lopez Trujillo, Trade Counsellor. On behalf of BCCI, Sándor László, Vice President and Péter Babák, Head of the International Relations Office attended the meeting.

A new initiative of the Directorate General is the Atlas project, which seeks to address the challenges identified in the priority areas of economic recovery by involving foreign partners. Another important aim of the DG is to develop an action plan to transform the Mexican automotive industry, which accounts for more than 31% of the country's GDP, and to develop the urban infrastructure to produce and receive alternative-powered electric vehicles, including training and preparing suppliers.

The parallels between the economies of the two countries and the potential links and cooperation opportunities in this area were also highlighted.

The transition to alternative fuel vehicles has become urgent. It requires two essential elements: a network of charging stations with sufficient infrastructure capacity and a technologically advanced service background. To achieve this goal, it is also important to train the professionals providing the servicing process. That is why, in January, BCCI will launch a training course for the repair of alternative fuel vehicles.

Both parties agreed that this training programme could be effectively adapted and aligned with the above-mentioned Mexican efforts to restructure the mobility environment. The Mexican party has expressed its openness to explore the adaptability of the programme, on which discussions will be initiated soon.

At the end of the meeting, the parties agreed that the transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience between the two countries could be a priority in launching cooperation, with BCCI offering to present the Atlas programme to businesses in Budapest that see business potential in Mexico. Mr Martínez also confirmed the importance he attaches to the exchange of experience in the field of human resources, and he suggested the further training of highly qualified Mexican staff in Hungary as an example, including through bilateral scholarship agreements.